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Painting Horse Ranch :: Deckbedingungen
It is my concern to arrange the covering act as natural as possible. In nature they first get to know each other, they get enthusiastic, soon they start to flirt intensively, and finally they will be coming to the point. After all, they want to find the right time for themselves.


It is absolutely understandable for me, that giving one’s horse into external care is not easy for most horse owners. I’ve already made many negative experiences with other stallion owners, and it’s obvious, that the place where horses feel the most comfortable, is home. That’s why we care for all our guest mares the same way as we do for our own ones.


The owner of the stallion is not liable for foreign mares. This applies to accidents, afflictions, injuries and death of the foreign mare or the foal. The owner of the mare remains legal livestock owner, so that the liability for the mare does not pass on to the owner of the stallion. The owner of the mare is also responsible for an appropriate insurance of the mare. In case of emergency, the stallion owner has the right to call a veterinarian for medical treatment on the expense of the mare’s owner.

No guarantee for colour inheritance

The stallion owner cannot guarantee full inheritance of colour.

Guarantee for a living foal

The owner of the mare has the right to get his mare covered once again within one year until the mare conceives, or within the following year, without having to pay the covering fee again. However, the owner of the mare has to pay the daily allowance. This guarantee applies, if the mare doesn’t conceive, reabsorb, or if the mare conceives a stillbirth or if the new-born foal doesn’t stay alive for any longer than 24 hours. A veterinary confirmation of the mare’s full health and fitness for breeding will be required for this guarantee to be effective. This guarantee expires, if information about the incident is not given to the owner of the stallion within the period of 4 weeks. This right can neither be transferred to third parties, nor can it be sold or passed in any other way.

Covering fees

Natural Insemnation Daily Allowance:
Purebred Arabians, Pintabians 800,-- mare 10,-
all other breeds 500,-- mare + foal  12,-

Covering fee and daily allowance will be settled cash at pickup of the mare.

You assert us that:

+ the mare is free of any afflictions
+ the mare is immunised against influenza
+ the mare is not shoed on the hind feet
+ the mare has a valid swab sample, which is not older than 3 weeks

We assert you:

+ excellent accommodation and loving care
+ more than 25 years of experience in treating horses
+ living foal guarantee

We would be very happy about receiving a nice photo of mare and foal, which we can publish on our website.

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