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Sauda Zahra

This is Sauda Zahra, our stallion. He is one out of just a few Pinto Arabian stallions with a black-white painting and a purebred share of 98.44%.

Sauda Zahra was placed second at the National Partbred Arabians Exhibition on July 5, 2009.

He had his breed survey (“Körung”) done on January 6, 2010 at the Echa Breeding Association (European Paint Breeding Association) with an overall grade of 8.4. Sauda was awarded as premium stallion.

Sauda is SCID-free!

For more pictures of Sauda Zahra, please visit our photo gallery.

Father: Faa El Sharik

Faa El Sharik is an elite stallion. More details:


Sauda Zahra’s mother is a great premium mare!

Grandfather: Blaz ons Fancy Amir

Blaz ons Fancy Amir is an elite stallion and one of Germany’s most successful Pinto-Arabian stallions. He was born in 1991 and his height is 153 cm. His descendants are spread all over Europe.

Paternal great-grandfather: Moniet El Sharaf

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Maternal great-grandfather: Balaton

Great-great grandmother: Bint Bint Moniet


Sauda Zahra's Pedigree (PDF)
Insemination Form (PDF)

Sauda Zahra
More photos: click here

Faa El Sharik

Sauda Zahra's mother

Blaz ons Fancy Amir

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